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Instant groups 2: could you be her boyfriend for a moment? could you be his best friend for a moment? could you be her father for a second? people who dont know each other get toogether for a picture.

Familiar tales of others

short videos with people who i get to know via internet, advertising, or social network, who are willing to tell me a story. These stories will be part of a video installation where the visitor can describe the timeline of the stories, like in a role-game. He will have to show a word or a photograph to a camera, and that will sturt up a story that has the tag of the word or image he found interesting.

imaginary  roommates
i got in contact with a lot of people looking for a flat in a new city, i visited a lot of apartments, and met a lot of people. Sometimes the contact was just by email, sometimes it was a visit. It concluded to double portraits, on fixed meetings with people who i never lived with in the end. On going project.

is a project about international chocolates, and the countries where cocoa plant grows, and the history of europe taking chocolate for granted. and all.

top on top,bottom to top, top to bottom, bottom on bottom- series of images of the possible future, homelike skyscrapers, mix the present. Favelas takeover all.

commondreams - video work on possibility of exchanging cultural symbols, can i be you? young women describe the same story in ther mother tongue, chinese, french, brasilian, arab, italian, and it is a hungarian tipe story

Darwin on vacation: evolution - mutations, objects of the evolution of darwin, and the side effects

No mans land - passports for objects that carry our history, animated short of forming a fleamarket that is to be demolished soon - with Tassiana Nunez Costa