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Instant groups 2: could you be her boyfriend for a moment? could you be his best friend for a moment? could you be her father for a second? people who dont know each other get toogether for a picture.

Familiar tales of others

short videos with people who i get to know via internet, advertising, or social network, who are willing to tell me a story. These stories will be part of a video installation where the visitor can describe the timeline of the stories, like in a role-game. He will have to show a word or a photograph to a camera, and that will sturt up a story that has the tag of the word or image he found interesting.

imaginary  roommates
i got in contact with a lot of people looking for a flat in a new city, i visited a lot of apartments, and met a lot of people. Sometimes the contact was just by email, sometimes it was a visit. It concluded to double portraits, on fixed meetings with people who i never lived with in the end. On going project.