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ideas and images from zsófia szemző
is a project about international chocolates, and the countries where cocoa plant grows, and the history of europe taking chocolate for granted. and all.

top on top,bottom to top, top to bottom, bottom on bottom- series of images of the possible future, homelike skyscrapers, mix the present. Favelas takeover all.

commondreams - video work on possibility of exchanging cultural symbols, can i be you? young women describe the same story in ther mother tongue, chinese, french, brasilian, arab, italian, and it is a hungarian tipe story

Darwin on vacation: evolution - mutations, objects of the evolution of darwin, and the side effects

No mans land - passports for objects that carry our history, animated short of forming a fleamarket that is to be demolished soon - with Tassiana Nunez Costa
Graphic works on Nomansland project by Tassiana Nunez Costa

Sounds of rue d'Aubervilliers - project in progress - interviews with people living in this street, that is being demolished, and an event where you can walk with your radio and listen

couple_expo with Eszter Szabó on the Studio 50 oneday expo
we took the idea of Platon where he speaks about the human being as an androgyn, who was cut in half, by the gods in the begining of times, and is looking for a couple since then. the drawings were connected to each other, but not in all cases with the match that fits according to Platon

for the project Brotherhood of Janos Szirtes; With Agnes Eva Molnar: we eat together, that's a connection